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Signing Day Special- Nathan Frankel

Nathan Frankel will play college football at Amherst College in Amherst, MA


“Nathan has developed into a good football player. He showed us steady improvement each year that he played”, said Cranes Head Coach Ben Jones.

Nathan learned good technique while at Cranbrook. Using his long arms and quick feet, Nathan became proficient in the art of being an offensive lineman.

"He’s come the farthest distance to play college football," said Jones. "He's covered a lot of ground to get here today."

In every game his senior year, Nathan “pancaked” an opposing defensive lineman at least once, driving them to the ground and eliminating them from the play.

“Nathan grew in his toughness and physicality”, said Jones. ”His desire to play the position really showed this last season.”

A diamond in the rough, Nathan came up from the junior varsity seeking to learn and fill in behind a great set of players. No one would anticipate him receiving the most offers to play college football of any single Cranbrook player in the last 10 years.

In his most memorable game against Lutheran North, Nathan pancaked an opposing player 7 times, while the Cranbrook ran for nearly 300 yards on 29 carries. Cranbrook won that contest 24-15 on the road to the MHSAA state playoffs.

“Nathan provided a huge obstacle for our opponents and not many withstood the challenge, said Coach Jones."

Nathan received offers from Bates, Kenyon, Hamilton, Tufts, Denison, Carelton, Culver-Stockton and Amherst.

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