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Community Cranes- Cranbrook Football visits the Spirit of Hope Urban Garden

Sophomore Tariq Muhammad and Freshman Bryce Hall working in the Spirit of Hope Urban Garden

On Saturday, August 19th, Cranbrook Football began its 2017 football campaign with a community service event at the Spirit of Hope Urban Garden in Detroit.

46 varsity and junior varsity players traveled to the North Corktown area of Detroit to assist the Spirit of Hope Church in maintaining its urban garden. This was the third annual community service event for the Cranes.

Known properly as the Spirit Farm Urban Garden, it is the result of four city lots transformed into a productive local food source and educational center. The garden was founded in 2007 by Kathleen Brennan.

The garden is located just west of the Cass Corridor, a place where the homeless and indigent populations of Detroit still exist in sizeable numbers.

“While there has been great progress in Detroit’s resurgence, there are still those in need,” said Cranbrook Head Coach Joe D’Angelo. “Our team gave some assistance to a place that helps those with the greatest needs.”

Spirit of Hope Pastor Matthew Bode teaches about the community and the environment

The team first had a brief lesson about the garden, the community, and the environmental needs of all humanity led by Pastor Mathew Bode and his staff.

The Cranes were then put to work clearing unwanted brush, weeds, and shrubs. The team also cut grass, trimmed hedges, and preparing materials that are used in the urban garden’s composting process.

Food from the garden is free to the community residents, and is used in preparing meals for the homeless.

“The team did a lot of heavy lifting today, but it is small compared to the heavy lifting this garden does in this community every day, “said Coach D’Angelo.

Junior Danny Files clears away an unwanted shrub at Spirit of Hope Church

The Spirit of Hope Church resides in the building of the former Trinity Episcopal Church which was built in 1892 by the Scripps/Booth family. The family built up the entire area where the church is located, before moving to Oakland County and developing the Cranbrook Community.

“The garden is a testament to the mission of goodwill and persistence through tough times. I hope our young men find their place in providing hope to others, “says Coach D’Angelo.

More information on the garden can be found at

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