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Player Spotlight-Aaron Wiggins

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Aaron Wiggins was named to the 2016 AP All-State Honorable Mention Team


They call him “Sonic”, which means according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary; “of, relating to, or being the speed of sound.” It is fitting name for one of the fastest guys on the football field.

In his sophomore and junior seasons, he amassed 2088 yards All-Purpose Yards for Cranbrook. In 2016 alone, he averaged 9.2 yards a carry and 13.4 yards a catch.

Keeping his feet moving on the ground, Aaron has accounted for 28 TD in the last two seasons.

In the Cranes playoff victory over St. Clair Shores South Lake in 2015, Aaron scored touchdowns on each of his first two plays from scrimmage. Cranbrook rolled on to win 35-14.

“Aaron is probably the most exciting player that I have coached in my career,” said Cranbrook Head Coach Joe D’Angelo. “He reads his blocks well and has great separation speed. He has the potential to score any time he touches the ball.”

It appears that his “sonic boom” has been heard off the field as well.

Aaron was named to the 2016 Michigan All-State Honorable Mention Team by the Associated Press (AP). He also was named to the 2016 All-Metro North Team by the Detroit News.

The Oakland Press named him to the 2016 All-County Team Honorable Mention Team, and he was named to the 2016 All-Catholic Team by the CHSL.

He was placed on the Class of 2018 Watch List by The D Zone, a publication dedicated to Michigan Prep Football.

“He’s a very humble player, and fits well in many offensive schemes,” said D’Angelo.

Aaron Wiggins runs for yardage in the Cranes victory over Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes

Celestial Motives

Aaron Wiggins enjoys stargazing.

He often looks to Orion “the Hunter”, his favorite constellation. “It’s the first one my father taught me to find, “says Wiggins.

He credits his father with the love of the stars and his exploration of nature. “From my earliest days, I have always had great curiosities about the world.”

Instead of using a telescope, he enjoys just looking up at the night sky, for peace and tranquility.

Someday here on earth, he hopes to bring his tranquil nature to his future patients. “I’d like to study veterinary medicine, “says Wiggins. “I think I can make a difference in the lives of families by healing their pets.”

For good measure, he has a dog named Scrappy, a Yourkie/Bichon mix. So he knows how important pets can be.

In his spare time he reads anything he can on medicine, about illnesses, medical procedures, and terminology. He really enjoys the medical field. Other than that, its video games and hanging with friends and family.

Aaron Wiggins runs for a TD against Allen Park Cabrini

Timeless rewards

He played little league football for the Pontiac Panthers, where he played running back and safety.

He fell in love with sport, after a key play he made. “It was the fourth quarter, and we needed a quick score to stay in the game. We were pinned back in our own end zone, when they handed the ball to me. It was supposed to be a quick run for 2 yards for a first down to keep the drive going. But it turned out to be an 88-yard run for a TD.”

His favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and part of the reason that he likes them so much, is that his favorite player is Troy Polamalou, an All-Pro player and 2 time Super Bowl champion.

“I had done well in little league football that week, so my coach took me to a Lions vs. Steelers game for a reward. He was able to get us in the locker room after the game, and he happened to meet Troy. He was the first star that I ever met, and he took time to spend some quality time with me. He really was nice to me, and I’ll never forget it. “

His mom is his biggest inspiration, as she encourages him to be the best at all times. He is “amazed’ at the things she does and tries to honor her daily. “She shows care and concern for so many people, and still has time for me,” Aaron says. “Her love seems to grow over time.”

His favorite Cranbrook Football moment was a Friday Night Lights game.

“I ran for a touchdown,” said Wiggins, “and I was mobbed by a bunch of middle school kids in the back of the end zone. It motivated me then and it still feels good to this day.”

Perpetual Motion

His motto is “Never give up”.

He encourages his team mates to “keep trying”, and tells them not to be afraid to ask the older kids how to do something. “We were just like you a few years ago, so we really understand.”

Aaron likes to keep his legs moving, so when he’s not playing Cranbrook Football, he runs track for the Cranes. “I run the 100m and the 200m events,” said Aaron.

Aaron has a high motor within him. It drives him to become better and to achieve greater things. It’s evident in his efforts on and off the field.

A person with drive is important to a team’s energy. He usually keeps others spirits high, and positive energy is shared by all.

Aaron is a source for perpetual motion, a theoretical concept where constant energy is renewing physical action. Only space time crystals provide such energy. A fitting comparison for a guy who loves the stars.

Perhaps Aaron’s energy will lead to more stellar football performances for Cranbrook in the future.

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