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Player Spotlight- Trevor McConnell

“There’s always the motivation of wanting to win. Everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above and beyond winning”. - Pat Riley

An Early Start

Before his first birthday, Trevor McConnell was a college football fan.

Born to two Florida State University alumni, Trevor was automatically apart of the Seminole Nation. “My love for football started then, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Growing up in Florida, Trevor got his first on-the-field experience by playing for the West Chase Colts in Tampa. He spent time playing QB, DE, and LB from 1st to 5th grade. In 6th grade, he played for the Berkeley Prep Bucs where he was a QB and a LB.

He came to Cranbrook as a 7th grader, and played for the middle school team, playing QB, and at times, LB and TE.

Now he is a 4-year varsity player for the Cranes, positioned at the top of the depth chart as the starting QB for 2017 season.

Team Leader, Team Player

The 2016 CHSL All-League player put up good numbers as he was pressed into service last year due to an injury to the starting QB.

Trevor completed 50% of his passes, going 51 for 101 and 574 yards. He had 6 passing TD’s and 11.3 yards per catch. He finished the season with a quarterback rating of 107.9.

“Trevor showed great poise last year when our starting QB was out for several games,” said Cranes Head Coach Joe D’Angelo. “He came in and won some tough games for us. It showed he had greatly matured and was ready to lead our team at a moment’s notice.”

In his signature win last season against Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes (WOLL), Trevor finished with 20 for 35 for 286 yards and 3 TD’s. With a quarterback rating of 142.6 in that game, he led Cranbrook to its first ever victory over WOLL.

“That game meant a lot to the team, showing that we had the ability to take down a tough rival, “said Coach D’Angelo. “Our program took a step forward that day.”

While he feels confident in his abilities, Trevor says that his favorite CK football moment is centered on a team accomplishment.

Cranbrook played in the Catholic League Championship game last year. Having the victory sown up 30-0, Trevor was brought in at the end of the game to replace the starter.

“When I took the final snap and downed the ball, I had the biggest grin on my face, “Trevor said, “and the celebrating began. Even though I didn’t play a lot in that game, my team won a championship- my absolute favorite moment.”

Seasoned to Taste

Trevor McConnell is a foodie. A gastronome. An epicure.

According to Wikipedia, he is “a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food.” Such a person “seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.”

“I eat a lot,” says Trevor with a big smile. “I really enjoy trying different foods and new dishes. I love eating and experiencing new tastes.”

He really enjoys Ft. Lauderdale Shrimp, and loves to find a good steak where ever he travels.

When he is not enjoying the latest item on the bill of fare, he is hanging with his friends and family. He has a Golden Retriever named Magic and a Rottweiler/Hound named Alli.

Trevor is a seasoned athlete, playing baseball, basketball for Cranbrook, He also plays soccer, and golf.

Championing Motivations

He still loves the Tampa Bay Bucs.

His motto is “Play like a Champion Today”. He learned from his days at Berkley Prep.

His favorite NFL player is Nelson Agholor, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. Nelson went to Berkeley Prep as well and Trevor personally knows him. “We have worked out together, and even now he encourages me to keep pushing forward.”

His parents, his friend Nelson and his family members give him the basis for his inspirations. They tell him that he has the “potential to do great things, so he wants to make them proud”.

Trevor often speaks of doing things at the next level, going beyond past accomplishments to greater things. “Every day, every play, I want to get better, “says Trevor


Perhaps it’s just in him.

The year Trevor was born, the Florida State Seminoles won a National Championship. A few years later, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, just as Trevor is starting elementary school.

When Trevor was winning a league championship in 8th grade for Cranbrook football, the Seminoles won another National Championship. This year FSU ranks #2 in the preseason odds to win it all.

Perhaps the odds are ever in Trevor’s favor.

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