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Player Spotlight- Marqis Stokes

“To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up.” Ralph Bunche

Marqis Stokes enters his senior year with a bright outlook. The 2015 CHSL All-League cornerback is a well-mannered gentleman, courteous and likeable to all he meets. He enjoys his time with his friends playing video games and with his family.

A resolute and aggressive player, Marqis greatly factors into the 2017 Cranbrook football season as they defend their Catholic League Championship. A seasoned veteran with great defensive skills, Marqis looks to provide solid coverage in the Cranes secondary.

Flexible Crane

A 4-year varsity player for the Cranes, Marqis was an all-around player in his sophomore season. As a cornerback, Marqis led the team in interceptions, including a 45-yard returned TD interception against Clarkston Everest Collegiate. He also had a fumble recovery and 37 tackles, include 2 tackles for a loss.

Marqis was named to the All-County Honorable Mention Team, as he finished among the league leaders in interceptions for Oakland County in 2015.

Marqis Stokes breaks up a pass against Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes

A slot receiver on offense, Marqis was favorite target of the Cranes, averaging 21.5 yards per catch, including a 95-yard TD against Livonia Clarenceville. As a running back, Marqis scored 3 rushing TD averaging 4.8 yards a carry for the season.

Marqis amassed 600 yards in total offense for the Cranes, scoring 6 TD’s on both sides of the ball.

“He has been a flexible player for us, adaptable and versatile”, said Cranes Head Coach Joe D’Angelo. “An all-around smart and athletic player.”

Marqis’ favorite moment as a Cranbrook football player was the MHSAA divisional semi-final playoff game against St. Clair Shores South Lake. “It was a great atmosphere- a night game on the road,” said Stokes. “They had a lot of fans, but we did too. I got an interception to stop their first drive. It was an exciting game.”

Marqis Stokes scores a TD vs. South Lake

Standing Tall

In 2016, Marqis suffered a torn ACL at the beginning of the season, and was unable to play for the rest of the year.

While he was injured, Marqis still sought to make contributions. True to form, Marqis continued to help the team by advising his substitute and encouraging the team as a whole while on the sidelines for each game.

“He stood tall when he was injured, showing good leadership in motivating the team and assisting younger players, even as he was recovering all last season”, said Coach D’Angelo. “It was a classy way to support his team when he was sidelined.”

Marqis has made a full recovery and is ready for action in 2016.

Marqis Stokes returns an interception for a TD vs. Clarenceville

A Football Life

Marqis played a lot of football growing up. He started playing with the Midwest Tigers in 2nd grade. He eventually moved on to the Detroit Dolphins where they featured him as a cornerback and wide receiver.

His Dolphins team finished 4th in the nation at the AYF Championships in Florida when he was an 8th grade student.

Marqis likes to play basketball and baseball for fun. Someday he says he’d like to try lacrosse, as it “seems like a lot of fun”. Marqis also runs track and likes to work out in the gym frequently.

Marqis Stokes does speed training

His favorite NFL team is the Detroit Lions. “Got to roll with the home team.” Stokes says.

His favorite football player is Arizona Cardinals’ CB Patrick Peterson. “He is how I want be known- versatile, fast, and physical- I’ve watched him since he’s been in college at LSU.”

After his mom and dad-“of course” who always ”support me and encourage me in every way”, he says that he sees Justin Cessante of the Legacy Football program as a role model. He appreciates how he works to help kids in Michigan out and his encouragement around their development.

“He’s helped to make kids in Michigan visible to the rest of the nation, and that’s an important way to give back“, says Stokes. “For the kids that he’s touched, football can be an avenue to a greater life.”

Warming up before a summer camp

The Future

When he’s not working out to get ready for football season, he likes to read action adventure stories.

His favorite book is “The House of the Scorpion” by Nancy Farmer- a sci-fi novel about the struggle to remain an individual in a futuristic society.

A future orthodontist or “something in the medical biology field’, Marqis seeks to prove himself by hard work and perfecting himself one day at a time.

Marqis motto is “Don’t stop working.” He encourages his younger team mates to “Give your all and work harder till you get better, no matter how long that may be.”

The name Marqis has origins in the title given to a ruler of frontier lands, on the borders of civilization. These noblemen had to be tough and enduring, as sudden things might emerge from nowhere. They often had the quality of anticipating the next challenge ahead with constant preparation and a calm demeanor.

Marqis Stokes stands on the edge of a great season, ready to meet the new and unanticipated challenges each week, with a steady eye toward his wide open future.

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