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Colleges Recruiting CK Football Players

Over 50 schools inquired about CK football players last year.  See Coach D'Angelo if you are interested in more info regarding the process.

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8 things that college coaches want HS recruits who are serious about playing college football to understand


By Doug Samuels    July 6, 2016                 Excerpt from:

Going from high school football player to college football player is quite the transition for a teenager, and then you throw in being away from your family and friends for the first time and all the newfound responsibility that comes with being on your own and things get even more complicated.

Taking the next step, and committing to play at the college level is a huge decision, so after talking with a handful of college coaches, and drawing on my own experience as a player and coach at the college level, I came up with 8 things that college coaches want to share with high school recruits before they make the decision that playing college football is right for them.

While I understand that our core audience is coaches, what I’ve compiled below is aimed at the high school student athlete that is considering playing football at the next level. I encourage you to share it with your guys accordingly.

1. Your high school coach is the most important recommendation college coaches seek

It’s a message that Urban Meyer harped on during a camp in Columbus,and his words had college coaches around the country throwing their arms up and shouting “AMEN!” The high school coach is around for good times, and bad, and is a first hand observer of not only your play making ability, but also your attitude, character, work ethic, commitment to the program, and how you respond to adversity, often for four years or more. Those are all traits held in the highest regard by college coaches. Coaches will also talk to the school administration, teachers, secretaries, and even janitors at the school, but the coach’s word carries the most weight – BY FAR.

Earn the recommendation of your high school coach. Not your uncle, your 7 on 7 coach, or anyone else. The opinion of the high school coach goes further than anyone else. Period.

2.  99% of the guys you’re going to play with were the stars on their high school team just like you were

One of the hardest things that a lot of freshman have to do once they get to campus is learn how to swallow their pride a bit. Chances are really good they were the best player on their high school team, and one of the most recognizable faces in their hometown. But once they get to the college level, they’re surrounded by guys who were once in the same shoes in their hometown. Adjusting to the new hierarchy can be too much for a lot of freshman.

3. You’re going to have to make much different sacrifices than the typical college student

Nearly all college freshman football players are heading out to live on their own for the first times ever, and with that comes with temptations of all different kinds including more time for video games, parties, alcohol, fast food everyday, and a variety of others. You’re going to have to learn how to manage your time between school, practice, work outs, homework, a (responsible) social life and sleep without having an adult constantly looking over your shoulder. That requires a unique level of commitment that not everyone is cut out for.

Before committing to play football at the next level, have an understanding of the sacrifices that it’s going to require…or just go and have the typical college experience without taking on the additional expectations of an athlete.

4. You now represent the entire college/university in everythingthat you do

As a football player on a campus big or small, you’re going to be under a microscope. If you make a bad decision, it’s something that doesn’t just effect you, and word around campus isn’t that “Johnny made a mistake,” it’s more likely something along the lines of, “Did you hear what that football player” did. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is on most college campuses. The same goes for what you say and do on your social media – which is just one of many reasons that college coaches comb them so carefully during the recruiting process.


With that in mind, here are 7 things that college coaches told us that they want to see in a recruit’s social media.

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